From the category archives: Backyard Ponds and Waterfalls

Learn about making backyard ponds and waterfalls to make your yard a more relaxing area.

FAQs: All about Water Features

Installing a water feature in your yard is a common spring or summer project. It's ambitious, but a fairly straightforward process, that most people can accomplish over a weekend. You may have questions and Rockland is here to address some of your inquiries and concerns about building water features.

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Should I Build a Backyard Pond or a Waterfall?

Installing a water feature in your yard can be an attractive and compelling addition to your landscaping. You also have a wide variety of options and designs to choose from; the first choice being if you want to have a backyard pond or waterfall on your property.

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Custom Services Make a Lasting Impression

When you’re looking for something unique – a piece which will captivate visitors and set your yard apart from everyone else’s – know Rockland Landscape Supplies can deliver. With our well-known fantastic customer service, it’s no surprise that it naturally extends into our premium custom services. Boulder Placement Our boom truck can put your chosen rock feature in the centre of the lawn or we can get into tight spaces with the truck’s 20-foot reach and 2,000-pound capacity, delivering on our promise of end-to-end service for every product we offer. Sand Blasting We do precise, detailed work on a variety of rock surfaces that far surpasses basic cuts. Company logos, house numbers and signage are easily achievable, creating an impressive entrance ...

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