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Learn how to create a unique pathway or walkway around your yard.

The Importance of Sand for Landscaping Purposes

Sand is a naturally occurring material, produced by Mother Nature, that has many indispensable purposes for the landscaping and construction industries. The most typical locations where sand is collected from are river banks and sand embankments such as beaches.

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What are the decorative rock options for my summer landscaping project?

Finding different ways to decrease the amount of grass in your front and backyard can lower your reliance on watering, chemical fertilizers and weekend mowing. The best part of all? There are numerous beautiful alternatives to a traditional lawn that you can incorporate into your landscape.

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What is the Case for Calcium Chloride Use in Ice Management?

When compared with other traditional de-icers, calcium chloride delivers the optimum combination of de-icing properties for sidewalk winter maintenance.

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Genius Landscaping Ideas For Your Yard

Encourage some backyard fun and games by setting up a chess, checkers, or tic-tac-toe board using flagstone. You can create checkers or tic-tac-toe pieces from wood and you can even order over sized chess pieces.

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Our Guide for Using Expocrete Products in Your Landscaping

Expocrete is a durable and attractive line of stone products distributed by Rockland Landscaping Supplies. They can be used to create almost any stone feature in your yard. Learn more about how you can use Expocrete products in your yard.

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3 Beautiful Stone Walkways You Can Do Yourself

Is you walkway cracked and broken? It's time to replace it. Stone walkways can add a special and unique feel to your yard and they are actually not that difficult to install. You can complete this project in one or two days (a great weekend project.) Take a look at three gorgeous stone walkways you can do yourself.

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