Landscaping Checklist


Fall is quickly approaching and to keep your yard and landscaping healthy throughout the winter and prepared to thrive in the spring; you need to do some chores and activities in your yard during the Fall. Rockland Landscaping Supplies has your ultimate Fall landscaping guide to help you keep on track.

Aerate Your Lawn 

Take your aeration tool and punch small holes in the ground to help air and snow penetrate the soil. Aeration helps water, nutrients and plant roots reach further into the soil and results in healthier grass and plants during the following growing season.

Plant Trees & Shrubs

Fall is an opportune time to plant new trees, shrubs and bulbs in your yard. The weather is more temperate, and the plants will not be under so much stress from the heat of summer,and they are more likely to survive and remain healthy if they are planted in September or early October.

Lay or Replenish Mulch

Mulch helps your plants and trees hold in beneficial moisture by slowing down the percolation of water into the ground. By laying down fresh mulch, you can promote the health of plants throughout the winter, which will result in a thriving yard in the Spring.

Inspect Trees & Shrubs

In the fall, you need to evaluate the health of your trees and shrubs and monitor them for pests and disease. If you detect any pests or diseases on your plants, you should take measures to have these issues taken care of by a pest control professional and follow advice to cure any plant diseases.

Trim Trees & Shrubs

When you inspect your trees and shrubs, you should also take the time to prune back any dead or unhealthy looking branches. Getting rid of this material helps plants to grow to their maximum potential and prevents the plant from becoming stagnant.

Seed the Lawn

You should lay down some grass seed as part of your Fall landscaping routine. The precipitation over the Winter will help to nourish the freshly grown grass to ensure you get a full, thick, lush lawn in the Spring.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Ensure that your landscape gets the nutrients it needs throughout the Winter by applying some fertilizer to the lawn. You should seek a fertilizer that is as natural as possible to avoid N-P-K inundation of water and the dependence of soil on fertilizer.

Clean Up Flower Beds

Manage your flower and plant beds in your yard before the snow flies. Weed these areas and dig up annuals that die to prepare your beds for the next growing season.

Drain Water Features

If you have water features on your property, you need to drain them, clean them out, and maintain them in the fall.

Get Your Soil Tested

Keep your soil healthy and give your plants and flowers a solid base to grow in by getting it tested. It's affordable and will make you aware of he nutrients your soil needs to support flowers, trees and shrubs.

Rockland Landscaping Supplies has the materials and a rental service for some of the most common equipment you'll need this Fall. Call us at (780) 239-7625 or send us an e-mail at