Questions to Ask When Hiring a Snow Removal Service Provider

Make sure you're getting the value for the money you are spending on snow removal services. Don't let yourself be taken for a ride, and ensure you do your research and ask the right questions when comparing companies.

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Put Away the Salt! Use Rock Chips and Sand this Winter

Everyone loves a quick fix, something that reduces the amount of time they have to spend shoveling snow and managing ice on their property. This is why many business owners choose to use salt to deal with the ice buildup on their sidewalks and parking lot. Salt can have many damaging effects on paving material, the environment, and vehicles. That's why Rockland offers a variety of options to our customers, so you can put away the salt this winter.

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The Consequences of Snow and Ice Buildup

Be the proactive business owner that keeps on top of snow removal this winter. Allowing snow and ice to buildup on your sidewalks and in your parking lot can have significant impact on your business. The pavement in your parking lot can be damaged because of the freeze/thaw cycle in cold climates, you could receive a fine because of bylaw violations, ice could cause your employees or customers to be injured on the premises, and it gives a negative appearance to customers.

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Meet Our Snow Removal Fleet

When you hire a snow removal company, you need to make sure that they have the best equipment. Rockland has a wide variety of equipment: graders, skid steers, loaders, dump trucks, snow blowers, and sanding/salting trucks that will banish snow and ice. We take pride in our snow removal fleet and we want to show it off to our visitors.

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Custom Services Make a Lasting Impression

When you’re looking for something unique – a piece which will captivate visitors and set your yard apart from everyone else’s – know Rockland Landscape Supplies can deliver. With our well-known fantastic customer service, it’s no surprise that it naturally extends into our premium custom services. Boulder Placement Our boom truck can put your chosen rock feature in the centre of the lawn or we can get into tight spaces with the truck’s 20-foot reach and 2,000-pound capacity, delivering on our promise of end-to-end service for every product we offer. Sand Blasting We do precise, detailed work on a variety of rock surfaces that far surpasses basic cuts. Company logos, house numbers and signage are easily achievable, creating an impressive entrance ...

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High-Quality Topsoil and Garden Mixes

Topsoil is primarily used in new and revamped landscaping. The layer directly beneath the sod, it is most effective with a depth of four to five inches, providing nutrients for your lawn and plants.

We’ve taken the soils we offer to a higher level, creating and supplying our own high-quality topsoil, garden mixes and compost peat moss blends.

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