In Alberta we have a freeze-thaw cycle that can be rough on stone products.

If you have a flagstone walkway or patio, you may notice that it has become uneven, specially if it was installed many years ago. The good news it that it's simple to fix. Follow these steps to repair your uneven stone walkways or patios. 

Step 1: Set up a level mason string line that will test if all of the stones are even. The line will be your guide as to which stones need to be lifted and which are above the line.
Step 2: Use a rubber sledge hammer to impact any stones that are slightly too high. Most of the time this can fix stones that come above your level line.
Step 3: Remove the stones that have shifted significantly and you aren't able to get back in place by using your rubber sledge.
Step 4: Scrape up excess sand and use a vibrating plate compactor to flatten the surface and level out the stones that are too high.
Step 5: Add a layer of sand and cement in the areas where the stones have sunk and this will bring them up to the proper level.

Step 6: Disperse polymeric sand and sweep it across the area, then spray with water to seal the joints between the stones.

Remember to stay off the repaired flagstone for a few days to allow it to set and prevent shifting of the flagstone.


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