FAQs: All about Water Features

Installing a water feature in your yard is a common spring or summer project. It's ambitious, but a fairly straightforward process, that most people can accomplish over a weekend. You may have questions and Rockland is here to address some of your inquiries and concerns about building water features.

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How to Create an Inviting & Livable Yard

When the weather turns warm and pleasant, we are drawn to spend more time outdoors. Is your yard as inviting as you want it to be? You can change that with Rockland's Landscaping advice on how to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space.

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How to Effectively Use Decorative Rock & Boulders on Your Property

Rock can be an intriguing feature in a yard. It can be used an a multitude of attractive ways and provide some visual texture or create focal points for the eye. Rockland Landscaping Supplies wants to offer some advice on how to enhance the beauty of your yard by using decorative rock and boulders.

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Our Guide for Using Expocrete Products in Your Landscaping

Expocrete is a durable and attractive line of stone products distributed by Rockland Landscaping Supplies. They can be used to create almost any stone feature in your yard. Learn more about how you can use Expocrete products in your yard.

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How to Use Sand in Your Landscaping

Sand can be a great landscaping tool when used cleverly to create visual appeal and a laid back atmosphere in your yard. You can build an space that will provide an area to relax or play for years to come. Here are some ways sand can add texture, interest and playfulness to your outdoor spaces.

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Creative Ways to Use Synthetic Grass in Your Yard

Growing a lush yard can sometimes be difficult in Alberta's dry climate. It takes a lot of water and maintenance to keep it looking healthy when your yard is being used by your family. The solution could be using synthetic grass in your yard. Rockland Landscaping Supplies has some creative ideas on how to use turf in your yard.

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