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Trends in Modern Landscaping

Landscaping is not immune to changes and evolution with time. Modern landscaping has shown some major trends. Many yards now have technology, edible gardens, outdoor living areas and rainwater collection. Try incorporating some of these contemporary features into your yard. 

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How to Build a Retaining Wall

Building a retaining wall can help to organize your yard, provide containment for gardens and take a flat lawn into an interesting space with visual interest. It's also incredibly important that they are built properly to prevent shifting and crumbling and make it last for a long time. Here is how to build a retaining wall on your property. Step 1: Use a bobcat to excavate the trench in the ground. Your should dig down 1" for every 8" of wall you intend to build.  Step 2: Use a vibrating plate compactor across the trench to provide a level surface to lay the bricks.  Step 3: Lay down angular gravel (no pea rock or any rounded stone) on the bottom of your trench. Go for about 6" of gravel as a base.  Step 4: Lay 1.0-1.5 " of sand over the gravel.  Step 5: ...

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How to Fix Uneven Flagstone

In Alberta we have a freeze-thaw cycle that can be rough on stone products. If you have a flagstone walkway or patio, you may notice that it has become uneven, specially if it was installed many years ago, . The good news it that it's simple to fix. Follow these steps to repair your uneven stone walkways or patios.

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Landscaping Activities That Will Help Sell Your Home

Selling your home means getting it in tip-top shape and making it look its best before it is listed. Potential buyers want to see that your exterior property is well-maintained and that they won't have to spend a lot of money and time getting it into shape once they move in. Here are some landscaping activities you can do that will help sell your home and increases curb appeal.

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Your Ultimate Fall Landscaping Checklist

Fall is quickly approaching and to keep your yard and landscaping healthy throughout the winter and prepared to thrive in the spring; you need to do some chores and activities in your yard during the Fall. Rockland Landscaping Supplies has your ultimate Fall landscaping guide to help you keep on track.

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