Rental Services

Have you been avoiding a landscaping project?

Have you been unsure of where to start because you don't have the right equipment? Are the big home improvement retailers always out of the rental equipment you need? You can now start on your landscaping project! Rockland Landscaping Supplies offers rental services for our customers.

Contact us today to rent the machines and equipment you need to complete your work


What are some benefits to utilizing Rockland's rental services?


Our Variety of Equipment

Rockland offers the following items for rent to our customers:

  • Bobcats
  • Mini Excavator
  • Wet saw
  • Sod rollers
  • Landscaping racks
  • Tampers
  • Leaf blowers
  • Augers

You Increase Your Efficiency

You may not have all the equipment you need to do a landscaping job right at your fingertips. To make your job more efficient and hassle free, you can rent the items you need to do the job properly.

No Maintenance

Rockland maintains the equipment and it will work flawlessly when it's delivered to you. You don't have to worry about the maintenance costs for any landscaping tools.

We Instruct You

Rockland will give you some basic instructions and advice (if you require it) on how to use the equipment properly and stay safe while doing so.