Synthetic Grass

Rockland now sells synthetic grass!

Synthetic grass can be used to cover concrete, bare soil and natural grass that you need to protect (or has been compromised.) It’s a great material to utilize for sports fields, playgrounds, to cover up areas of unsightly damage in high traffic areas, or to improve the appearance of spots in your yard where grass doesn’t grow well.

Rockland offers our customers Rymar Grass products

Rymar Grass products are perfect for many residential and commercial and commercial uses:

  • Playgrounds
  • Sports fields
  • Putting/golf greens

What are the benefits of synthetic grass you purchase from Rockland?

Attractive Appearance

Your yard will always has a perfectly manicured appearance when you lay down synthetic grass. The grass will look thick and have a lush, even colour.


Extremely Durable

Synthetic grass is an ideal option for high traffic areas in your yard or on sports fields. Artificial grass lasts much longer than natural grass and is not damaged as easily.


Prevents Grass Issues

Synthetic turf prevents common issues that occur with natural grass such as pests, fungal infestations and weed growth. This product helps reduce the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides on your grass.

Low maintenance

When you install synthetic grass in your yard you don't have to spread grass seed and do any watering, mowing, or weeding. It is very low maintenance and requires minimal upkeep on your part.


Excellent Drainage

Artificial grass is made of a water permeable material. The backing has tiny holes that allow the water to percolate through the turf and into the soil.

Learn More

To learn more about synthetic grass options, contact Rockland at 780) 239-7625 or send us an e-mail at to discuss how this product can enhance the visual appeal of your yard or sports field.